20 Jan 2018


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12 May 2016

Useful information for visiting Matera

In this short article I want to give you some practical information for visiting Matera. As each visit to a new city even for Matera you might find useful contact...

24 Mar 2016

How to get to Matera by train?

  Matera has no the station of the State Railways but Ferrandina it is its  branch just 30 Km away. If you're wondering "how can you get to Matera by...

23 Mar 2016

The airport near Matera is Bari Palese!

If you're wondering what is the closest airport to Matera , know that just 60 kilometers away there is the beautiful Bari Palese airport! Matera does not have  the station...

10 Feb 2016

Where to park in Matera to visit the Sassi

Matera is a relatively small city but to visit it, you must plan well on the move. One of the recurring problems, especially for the strangers to our city, it...