How to get to Matera by train?


Matera has no the station of the State Railways but Ferrandina it is its  branch just 30 Km away.

If you’re wondering “how can you get to Matera by train?” and you’ve heard repeatedly mention the age-old problem of the lack of a state railway in the city of Sassi,  this article will help you to really understand whether and how it is possible to consider the train as a means to get to Matera.

Indeed Matera has no its train station. Alas!

There are in fact the stations but they belong to a smaller and slower train which locals call “diesel railcar”. This train of Railways Appulo Lucane (FAL ) connects Matera and Bari, and the villages that meets up to there on his path. So definitely a first choice for arriving at Matera by train is to consider the trains arriving at the station of Bari and from there find out about FAL links                       for timetables and opportunities.

As you can see the fit is not of the easiest and the transfer time from Bari to Matera are not quite adequate to the number of kilometers.

But as we have already said in the article on the airport of Matera (of course we are referring to Bari airport that we feel a bit ‘our) if you want to speed up your transfer from Bari you can contact us and evaluate our proposals of  transfer Bari- Matera , you would make life more convenient and especially you would save a bit ‘of time to devote to Matera!

But back on the  topic, I suggest you consider how rail station of the state railways to reach Matera the station of  Ferrandina (best described as “Ferrandina-Pomarico-Miglionico”) that only 30 Km away connects the Basilicata and Matera to the  the rest of Italy.

If you visit the official website of Trenitalia you can search the train of your interest and get to Matera by numerous Italian cities.

As a little advice, I suggest you also evaluate Italo ( ( as a train to Salerno and from there reach Ferrandina. That if you want to speed up your trip.

From Bologna to Milan, for example, often travellers choose  this solution.

We can only, therefore, wait for you at he station … Hoping that the train is on time!

Then will be Matera to tell its story and to let you speechless with its beauty!

And if you travel with the sun enjoy the slow trip from Bari or Salerno in Lucan campaigns with their timeless landscapes and cultures that draw scenarios in which you would like to lose (perhaps with a personalized tour of Discovery Matera!)

Have a good trip!

Matera is waiting for you!

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