The Cathedral dominates the Matera Sassi and the whole city

One of the places you should not miss in your next trip to Matera is a visit to the Cathedral.

After a long period of closing the Cathedral finally came back to dominate with all its splendor the town of Matera.

Built in 1230, the Cathedral of Matera is the place of worship for excellence and its position is a clear sign of prestige.

Placed on the so-called Civita this is the highest point of the city and the Sassi , it has, with its both Apulian Romanesque style a timeless charme.

Numerous fine details to discover with the help of the audio guide inside the Basilica and the breathtaking scenery from the front overlook the main door is spectacular.

Here you can enjoy a view from above which extends on Sasso Barisano and incorporates neighboring Murgia northward.

Here you can see the most characteristic houses in the heart of the Sassi, with hanging gardens and small wild places.

You can still choose to revive history in via Riscatto, where Count Tramontano was assassinated on 29 December 1514, put to flight by the exasperated people…

Or you can choose to go down to the Sassi, from the side  Caveoso or Barisano, depending on the way you want to go and get lost in the small and quaint narrow streets that create the tangle of ancient Matera districts.

First take a break, breathe the scent of this scenario, listen to the silence of the Sassi and the slow pace of life.

If you want to discover more of Matera, Sassi, the Murgia Park Materana or Basilicata wonders all,  contact us!

It will be a pleasure to help you achieve the best possible experience in our city!

Good journey of discovery in Matera and Basilicata

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