Where to park in Matera to visit the Sassi

Matera is a relatively small city but to visit it, you must plan well on the move.
One of the recurring problems, especially for the strangers to our city, it is to ask : “And now where can I park my car?”.

That’s because we inform you that the Sassi is an area not accessible by car (except in a few short hours or with special permits).

Moreover, also the historical center on the ground and the Civita are not accessible by car; there are many limited traffic zones and also pedestrian precincts.

We hope that these areas will increase over time to preserve the charm of Matera from our diabolic four – wheeled vehicles.

(That’s why Discovery Matera decided to create a service of electric bike rental to offer a fast and ecological way to move without worrying about fines, parking, fatigue and little time).

But coming back to us, the car’s problem remains!

That’s why we want to give you some tips on where to park your car for your visit to Matera the long or short it is.

First, we point out that the main artery that delimits the area of the old town and the accesses to the Sassi is via Lucana.

Keep it in mind as a reference to read the ease of mobility from one point to another of the Sassi.

The two main entrances are represented by Via D’Addozio (reference to side municipal garden, roundabout connecting via Rosselli with via Lucana) for Sasso Barisano and via Bruno Buozzi (reference to intersection connecting via Ridola with via Lucana).

But now we have to face up to the problem.

Here there are the first references useful to park; we link them also on google maps so you can speed up your itinerary.

Car park Pizza Cesare Firrao
Car park Piazza Kennedy (via Cappelluti)
Car park coach services Damasco Pay attention to access to ZTL (limited traffic zone) – call the car park to make you authorize.
Car park via Lucana
Car parks Piazza della Visitazione (Via Aldo Moro) – Stazione FAL

All these parks are close to the city center and will allow you to go down in the Sassi for a pleasant walk (because the vertical height is considerable and do all around may be a bit heavy to the less used to walk,consider to use the shuttle bus to reach the Sassi).

Other parking options are in the blue areas on payment which you’ll find along Via Lucana and also on the side streets of the same.

Small tip-off : remember that the parking on blue areas is free on holidays (including Sundays)!

Even if you can find the parking machine in operation not give her money, look at the sign before making a spontaneous donation not due.

If you want to save the cost of paying ticket on weekdays , you can groped the fate

looking for parking in the streets a bit more distant from Via Lucana, not so far from the

center of Matera, extending your stroll slightly.

Look for a park in via Cererie, via Santo Stefano, Via Gattini, Via Piave, Via Stigliani to reach Via D’ Addozio (Sasso Barisano), or Via Lanera, via Castello, Via Vena, via Chiancalata ( mind the uphill roads to get back to your car) to reach via Buozzi (Sasso Caveoso) and the city center.

I hope our suggestions can be useful to you and can facilitate the reading of the map to plan your visit to Matera!

Consider us at your disposal for any additional information by contacting us online or at our addresses.

And if you want a guide who can enlighten you about the beauty of Matera and the area, bear in mind that Discovery Matera has in store for you truly spectacular tour!

Meanwhile, download our map by filling in the form that you find in to discover other curiosities and details about the city.

Enjoy your stay in Matera!



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