Useful information for visiting Matera

In this short article I want to give you some practical information for visiting Matera.

As each visit to a new city even for Matera you might find useful contact information and valid numbers.

This should be the introductory page of any of Matera guide to visit the Sassi and the city without problems.

Let’s start!

Useful numbers in Matera

Country code +39

Area code 0835

Police 113

Carabinieri  112

Health Service Urgency and Emergency 118

Police of Matera 0835 378111

ER 0835 243212

Fire Department  115

Forest Rangers 1515

Revenue Officers  0835 331542

Harbour Master  1530

Tourist Info Matera

Discovery Matera 0835 339192

APT 0835 331983

Various info

Time zone GMT+02:00

Voltage 220-230 V

Electrical outlet Type L

Pedestrian zones and areas of restricted traffic in Matera?

You can not go anywhere by car in Matera and not always. Indeed, there are pedestrian areas in which it is prohibited to transit and parking for all vehicles (except for authorized) just as there are areas of LTZ or limited traffic zones during certain hours. Below I’ll explain in detail where you can not go and times of the openings for the three areas: Historical Center, Duomo area, Sassi area. There is in passages with traffic lights and billboards but is also good to be prepared to evaluate option of useful car parks (see our article on the subject).

PEDESTRIAN AREAS MATERA (where you can not access with vehicles  EVER).

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, part of Via del Corso and Via San Biagio, Piazza Ascanio Persio, Piazza del Sedile, Via Ridola, Piazza Pascoli, Piazza San Pietro, Vico Solitario, Via Santa Cesarea, Via San Potito, Via Riscatto, Piazza Cesare Firrao.

LTZ AREA SASSI›  access denied › red light

Winter (from 15/10 to 14/03) ›   before holidays  16.00-18.30› holidays 9.30-13.00

Summer (from 15/03 to 14/10) weekends and holidays 9.30-13.00 and 16.00-20.00

LTZ HISTORICAL CENTER›  access denied › red light

Winter (from 15/10 to 14/03) ›   before holidays 20.30-22.30› holidays  17.00-22.30

Summer (from 15/03 to 14/10) working 21.00-24.00 › holidays  17.00-24.00

LTZ AREA CATHEDRAL›  access denied › red light› All year – H24 – 7/7

City tax in Matera?

Even in Matera was imposed a city tax from the year 2012 for all tourists staying in accommodation in the Municipality of Matera.

They are exempt children under 14 years old and people with disabilities or those who are not on site for tourism. For further

Tip it, tip up to Matera?

The tip at the bar is optional while at the restaurant you should  round a bit the bill. At the hotel is customary to leave a small tip for stays of more than one night.

Getting around in Matera?

Bus – ticket from € 0.80 to € 1.50 -Cumulativo 12 races € 8,00  – Info schedules and bus routes Matera

Electric bikes and scooters  -Discovery Matera Via delle Beccherie 19, tel. 0835 339192 – From € 5.00 / hour to € 25,00 whole day up to € 50.00 formula long weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) for electric bikes and € 30.00 (4 hours), € 55.00 (24 hours) up to 140 € formula long weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) for scooters. Discounts for several days or more means.

Taxi-Chiffi  0835 261299, Gentile  0835 385073, Micciantuono 380 5073855, Sassi Service 0835 1971334

Transfer – Discovery  Matera 0835 339192. Different prices depending on the location of departure and destination.

City Sightseeing bus – Matera City Tour 342 1619245 (reselling tickets also from Discovery Matera)

Ape Calessino – Vito 393 1772506

Opening hours shops in Matera

The Matera shops are learning to take advantage of all the times useful for tourists so you will find more and more activities open on public holidays or in the typically break times. In general, though, you’ll notice that the canonical hours are from 09.30 to 13.30 and from 17.00 to 20.30. Yes, the afternoon break is long enough but at the same time in full evening you can still go shopping.

Opening hours of offices and banks

The opening hours of offices and banks of Matera are approximately from 9.00 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 19.30.

If you want to easily find a bank or a post office go to the center on Via del Corso and choose among the various possibilities in the area.

Where to see the sun rise in Matera

If you want to enjoy an impressive view to see the sun rise with the background Sassi I suggest one of the sights of the plan that is in Piazza Vittorio Veneto or in Piazzetta Pascoli. Look also the magic of the Murgia then I suggest you go down into the heart of the Sassi. For sunset you can sit on the wall of the Cathedral square and dominate the Sasso Barisano and see the sun go behind him.

If you have a means to move (even one of our electric bikes or our scooter) you can get on murge, preferably in the Sanctuary of the Palomba or to the church of Our Lady of Virgins and enjoy an unforgettable time of your trip in Matera.

Still you have questions, curiosity, need? Contact us now at 0835 339192 and I will be at your disposal to satisfy your needs.

Good trip in Matera! And good discovery  from Discovery Matera!


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