If you're wondering what is the closest airport to Matera , know that just 60 kilometers away there is the beautiful Bari Palese airport! Matera does not have  the station of the State Railways but it is not impossible to achieve! (If you are a train lover read our article on Ferrandina train station just 30 Km from Matera but if you love to travel  quickly discover how to "fly to Basilicata". If you are planning your trip to the city of the Sassi you might consider reaching Matera with the fastest and most comfortable transport of the new millennium. Numerous routes served from Bari Palese that in effect, due to its proximity, can be considered the airport  of  Matera  and its province. One hour away from the destination is what is happening today in all modern European capitals that have airports located a few kilometers from the city center. Besides, If you consider that there are many low cost airlines to get to Bari you will understand that air transport perhaps it is the best choice! Ryanair, Easyjet, Air One, Alitalia, are just some of the notes (here a full list So you can reach Matera by air with  a low-cost airline form Milan, Bologna, Rome, Pisa, Genoa, Turin, Cagliari, Treviso, Trieste, London, Valencia, Malta, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and so on. So now you can land on Bari and be almost  arrived in Matera. Once you land you can choose between different public transportation available: Shuttle bus (here     (  schedules and costs) or train FAL (here  (  schedules and costs). The only flaw is that the availability of means and schedules are not always comfortable in comparison with  your arrival. Unfortunately, the races are still few. If your flight departure or arrival does not allow you to make the most of your time and you want to speed up your arrival in Matera, take full advantage of our direct transport with Van Shuttle Private contacting us. With a low price we can make your transfer from Bari to Matera more comfortable and easy! We can only wish you to buy early your flight and get to Matera for a real journey of pleasure!